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Whole House Clean out in Los Angeles, CA

Last week we had the pleasure of working with a Realtor who was representing a Trustee responsible for managing a estate.  Prior to preparing the house for sale, it was important to clear out all of the remaining household items and furniture.  But even more important for the client, was making sure they were working with a hauler that makes donating and recycling a top priority.  

Here at The Junkluggers of West LA, we do our best to do what's right for both our customers and the planet.  

When you care how your items are handled, and what happens to them - give us a call! 800-LUG-JUNK.  Serving greater Los Angeles, CA and the westside.

Help with hoarding situation in Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes people get in over their head.  When that happens, the only thing left to do is to ask for help.  Last week our team of Luggers helped a client to declutter a relatives house who was a bit of a hoarder.  Our team acts with care and compassion, and is there to help make your life better, judgement free.  If you or someone who know needs help with a hoarder situation, call The Junkluggers of West LA.  We'll get everything bagged up and removed so that life can get back to normal.  Serving the greater Los Angeles, CA area.  

Patio clean-out in Sawtelle - Los Angeles, CA

Today we helped a property manager clear out the remants from an old tenant.  This included clearing out the patio of unwanted junk, and bringing bolt cutters along to get into a storage unit where the lock had rusted over.  Luckily our team of Luggers come prepared for every challenge.  Another job well done!

Whether its junk removal, furniture pickup, or clearing out a storage unit - we are your one-stop solution in Los Angeles, CA

Hoarder Situation in Los Angeles, CA

During our experience helping the community and our neighbors remove unwanted household items, we occasionally come across some hoarding situations.  These situations can vary quite dratically from one home to another.  To one person, hoarding may be a overflowing closet.  To another, it could mean that to get from one room to another, you need to clear out a path.  

In either situation, a certain level of care and compassion goes a long way to make the client comfortable.  At The Junkluggers, we do our very best to donate and recycle as much as we can from each job.  For that reason, we are the go-to solution for hoarding situations, because its always reassuring for people to know that their items are going to go to good use in another person's home.  

These situations can be challenging, but with empathy and compassion, there is a path forward with The Junkluggers.  If your home, or the home of your loved one or relative looks like this, give us a call and let us help clean up the junk, while finding new homes for the usable materials.

Culver City, CA Hoarder apartment cleanout

Our luggers act fearlessly in the face of clutter.  No matter what the job entails, if you need it out, we are your guys.  Give us a call and we'll provide a no-obligation estimate up front, and if you approve, we'll haul everything away right then and there.  100% satisfaction everytime.   It doesn't matter if its junk, furniture, hot tubs, appliances, or anything else you can think of.  We are your one-stop solution in Los Angeles, CA and beyond.

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