The Junkluggers of West LA Green Summer of 2021

Monday, September 13th, 2021 by Brian Geiger

The Junkluggers of West LA had a Green Summer, did you?


Here in West LA, we’re soaking up all the sunshine and lugging more truckloads of items to keep out of landfills than ever before. This summer, we have kept thousands of pounds of furniture and E-Waste out of landfills in Los Angeles, CA and even took it a step further by checking all items off of our Junkluggers Green Summer Bucket List.


We believe that businesses have a responsibility to operate sustainably, and give back to the environment; however, we can not save our home alone. This season we’ve challenged our customers to be eco-friendly with a green summer bucket list and we encourage you to bring these ideas to your workplace. With businesses and individuals working together, we can make a difference!


 If you haven’t checked all of these items off your bucket list, there’s still time!


The Junkluggers of West LA Green Summer of 2021 - Image 1



What are we doing to be green this summer?

At The Junkluggers of West LA. it is our mission to keep items out of landfills, and we strive to be eco-friendly in every way possible. This summer, we followed along with our very own Junkluggers-dedicated bucket list and we were able to check off every item! We are excited to continue these bucket list items year round to make sure we are doing all we can to save the world one lug at a time.



The Junkluggers of West LA Green Summer of 2021 - Image 2





What’s Next?

Here at The Junkluggers we will continue to do our part to keep items out of landfills and give back to the community here in Los Angeles. We appreciate any effort our customers take in giving back to our Earth. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start and saving the environment seems like a daunting task to take on alone. Every effort counts. Start by making little changes in your everyday life such as turning off lights, buying second hand, recycling, shopping locally, and encouraging your workplace to be green. If you’d like to partner with us to give back, reach out to [email protected] We would love to work with you for our next eco-friendly events or to help us keep the items we pick up out of landfills.




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